CHANGES to Flash Operator Panel

Version .28

2008-03-30 [r70]  

	* Remove dhtmltooltip and replace with wz_tooltip

2008-02-19 [r69]  

	* Add sample crossdomain.xml file needed by some flash players

2008-01-28 [r68]  

	* New langague added 'gallego'

2007-12-04 [r67]  

	* Fix reverse transfer for park

2007-11-29 [r66]  

	* Add extra event for meetmejoin because sometimes there are no
	  newexten events when redirecting to meetme in attendant transfers

2007-11-29 [r65]  

	* Add support for channel in voicemailext, so you can use it to
	  launch a macro via local when double clicking on the mailbox icon

2007-11-29 [r64]  

	* Add parkexten and parktimeout to op_server.cfg and support for
	  Park command via manager together with updates for Asterisk 1.4

2007-11-29 [r63]  

	* Make it work with asterisk 1.4 originateresponse change (for
	  attendant transfers)

2007-11-23 [r62]  

	* add SpyExt command and drop action to arrow

2007-11-07 [r61]  

	* Honour label_extent when renaming label

2007-08-13 [r60]  

	* Fix 'waiting on queue' for normal buttons and some formatting

2007-08-06 [r59]  

	* Fix clidtext for queue summary buttons

2007-08-06 [r58]  

	* Add support for QUEUE_PRIO for queue join events

2007-08-06 [r57]  

	* Fix for groupcount and timers

2007-08-06 [r56]  

	* Fix timer issue

2007-08-02 [r55]  

	* Remove delay in syswrite because it makes asterisk 1.2.7 unhappy

2007-08-02 [r54]  

	* Example new buttons config for groupcount

2007-08-02 [r53]  

	* Ooops! Format clid fixed

2007-08-02 [r52]  

	* Ooops! Set version to SVNVERSION

2007-08-02 [r51]  

	* no_label_counter in op_buttons.cfg (prevents counting on multiple
	  position labels). Fixes on groupcount. Added count to
	  op_buttons.cfg to set number of sessions for group_count buttons

2007-07-17 [r50]  

	* Fix restrict for panel_context

2007-07-17 [r49]  

	* Fix flash client for multiple passvars values

2007-06-29 [r48]  

	* Added optional amportal.conf parsing

2007-06-28 [r47]  

	* Added date variables replacement for monitor_filename (%Y %m %d
	  %h %i %s)

2007-06-21 [r46]  

	* Add Monitoring to FOP actions by single clicking on the arrow

2007-06-15 [r45]  

	* Add 1ms delay to syswrite, it makes some asterisk versions

2007-05-30 [r44]  

	* Add include support to op_server.cfg

2007-05-14 [r43]  

	* Add passvars parameter to op_server.cfg to pass extra values to

2007-05-14 [r42]  

	* Support for patched valetparking

2007-04-30 [r41]  

	* Fix for regexp buttons when coupled with Local channels

2007-04-27 [r40]  

	* Remove AsyncGoto from channel name so parking with zap works

2007-04-27 [r39]  

	* More split optimizations

2007-04-27 [r37-38]  

	* Proper debug instead of print

	* Slight change to redhat init script in preparation of .spec

2007-04-26 [r36]  

	* Russian language files. Thanks Eugene Malikov.

2007-04-26 [r35]  

	* recompute_queues optimizations and some perl tidyup

2007-04-26 [r34]  

	* More regexp optimizations and debugs

2007-04-26 [r33]  

	* Remove unused vars and optimize erase_instances_for_trunk_buttons

2007-04-26 [r32]  

	* Remove more unused vars

2007-04-26 [r31]  

	* Remove unused var and optimize some regexps

2007-04-24 [r30]  

	* Fix split contexto order. Replace nada with undef. Fix
	  recompute_queues states

2007-04-23 [r29]  

	* Improve and optimize perl splits. Use warnings pragma instead of

2007-04-19 [r28]  

	* Change nonblocking perl perl code (LINworks GmbH)

2007-04-19 [r27]  

	* Improve perl code (LINworks GmbH)

2007-04-19 [r26]  

	* Improve perl code (LINworks GmbH)

2007-04-13 [r25]  

	* Fixed persistent clid-label for recompute queues

2007-03-23 [r23-24]  

	* Fix on flash client for unregistration events

	* Registration caching to not flood flash clients with repited
	  registered events. Changed debug level for digest_event_block and
	  try to make some sense out of it

2007-03-23 [r22]  

	* Starting with digest_event_block clean ups

2007-03-23 [r21]  

	* Fix voicemail count (ticket #1)

2007-03-20 [r20]  

	* Fix Did/Trunk free routine and remove debug lines

2007-03-20 [r19]  

	* Fix trunk matching for CLID and DID buttons

2007-03-20 [r18]  

	* Add (experimental) DID buttons for matching FreePBX FROM_DID

2007-03-20 [r17]  

	* Trunkify CLID buttons

2007-03-19 [r12]  

	* Make clid on busy buttons show up when 1st load instead of
	  permanent text

2007-03-16 [r11]  

	* Add onData prototype (commented) into the flash client... will
	  experiment to see if it is faster than standard flash XML

2007-03-16 [r10]  

	* refactoring of digest_event_block, first pass...

2007-03-16 [r9]  

	* If/elseif refactoring plus fixing newexten duplication in

2007-03-16 [r8]  

	* Refactoring if-elseif, setting clid on newexten prio 1 for
	  showing dialed number. Changing settext to setclid

2007-03-15 [r7]  

	* Set svn version to

2007-03-15 [r6]  nicolas:

	* Update docs

2007-03-14 [r5]  

	* Update documentation. Make settext to be persistent overriding
	  callerid values sent by regular states. Do not default to state
	  up for events without state

2007-03-14 [r4]  

	* Reorganize svn, remove compiled flash movies from repository

2007-03-14 [r3]  

	* fix autosip crash after asterisk restart

Version .27

Mon Feb 26 20:33:03 ART 2007
  * sample config update with alarm

Mon Feb 26 20:31:40 ART 2007
  * new .swf

Mon Feb 26 20:31:05 ART 2007
  * timer alarms for buttons

Mon Feb 26 19:23:48 ART 2007
  * queuestatus fixes

Mon Feb 26 19:19:36 ART 2007
  * multiserver mionitoring, no security code fixes, userevent updates for 1.4, doc updates

Tue Jan 23 19:09:50 ART 2007
  * some callerid modifications

Tue Jan 23 17:35:10 ART 2007
  * reload when asterisk reload

Fri Jan 19 16:22:12 ART 2007
  * callerid name in clidformat and some documentation updates

Fri Dec 22 20:57:39 ART 2006
  * Exception for mISDN sessions

Thu Dec 21 20:18:28 ART 2006
  * updated CHANGES

Thu Dec 21 20:16:08 ART 2006
  * restructure some if blocks, formatting fixes

Thu Dec 21 20:14:51 ART 2006
  * fix big memory leak

Thu Dec 21 20:08:27 ART 2006
  * updated swf back to new version

Mon Dec 11 12:23:31 ART 2006
  * link fix

Mon Nov 20 11:40:40 ART 2006
  * defaults to free after fopledcolor

Fri Nov 17 21:02:38 ART 2006
  * update docs and binary swf

Fri Nov 17 21:00:38 ART 2006
  * fix event order to give precedence to astdb fopledcolors

Fri Nov 17 21:00:04 ART 2006
  * update docs on astdbkey and groupcount features

Fri Nov 17 20:58:56 ART 2006
  * update ming source for flash client adding images and textexten

Fri Nov 17 20:57:07 ART 2006
  * add park support to dhtml panel (thanks Jeremy)

Thu Nov 16 14:46:07 ART 2006
  * add CHANGES file that was somewhat forgotten

Thu Nov 16 14:43:18 ART 2006
  * Improve Autosip buttons

Tue Nov 14 14:18:57 ART 2006
  * fix groupcount outbound label

Mon Nov 13 20:57:26 ART 2006
  * groupcount example button

Mon Nov 13 20:47:37 ART 2006
  * add norwegian lang

Mon Nov 13 20:46:29 ART 2006
  * doc formatting fix

Mon Nov 13 20:46:05 ART 2006
  * assorted fixes

Mon Nov 13 20:45:37 ART 2006
  * groupcount button feature

Mon Nov 13 20:44:52 ART 2006
  * add image primitive

Mon Nov 13 20:43:03 ART 2006
  * lang updates

Mon Nov 13 20:41:47 ART 2006
  * docs update

Fri Oct 20 15:46:47 ART 2006
  * add images

Wed Oct 11 18:29:05 ART 2006
  * config doc and style update

Wed Oct 11 18:22:26 ART 2006
  * config and lang updates

Wed Oct 11 18:19:17 ART 2006
  * Agent fixes

Mon Oct  9 17:37:19 ART 2006
  * Fix ASTDB

Mon Oct  9 17:36:54 ART 2006
  * new swf

Thu Sep 14 19:00:16 ART 2006
  * clidname

Mon Aug 28 16:55:23 ART 2006
  * comment config

Sat Sep  9 13:13:42 ART 2006
  * Fix reverse transfer for trunk buttons

Sat Sep  9 13:13:29 ART 2006
  * typo in dhtml panel

Sat Sep  9 13:12:55 ART 2006
  * doc update

Mon Aug 28 16:45:20 ART 2006
  * Assorted patches, show borders, paused, attendant transfers

Thu Jun  1 10:12:09 ART 2006
  * auto_sip buttons entry in doc and config

Thu Jun  1 10:08:18 ART 2006
  * fix warning when computing queue positions

Thu Jun  1 10:07:27 ART 2006
  * add queue_object hash to keep track of agent status per queue (talking, ready, unavailable)

Thu Jun  1 10:06:02 ART 2006
  * first pass at auto_sip buttons

Thu Jun  1 10:04:31 ART 2006
  * fix crash on meetme transfers to voicemail

Thu Jun  1 09:59:22 ART 2006
  * rename hash to better name and remove some comments for queue-agents

Thu Jun  1 09:57:16 ART 2006
  * flash client optimization on debug window

Fri May 19 17:41:26 ART 2006
  * tovoicemail fix and label renaming fix

Fri May 19 17:39:43 ART 2006
  * queue position fix

Version .26

Tue May  9 19:24:08 ART 2006
  * New dhtml client

Tue May  9 15:05:22 ART 2006
  * assorted client fixes, removed scriptable actions for now,
    add side scrolling when you have buttons that do not fit
    on the screen.

Tue May  9 15:03:27 ART 2006
  * remove scriptable actions and assorted bug fixes

Sat Apr 29 15:41:14 ART 2006
  * ming client updates

Sat Apr 29 15:40:06 ART 2006
  * formatting fixes. Add includes to op_style.cfg

Sat Apr 29 13:04:58 ART 2006
  * set clid format on link event

Sat Apr 29 13:04:43 ART 2006
  * fix auto counters when using regexp butons

Sat Apr 29 13:03:25 ART 2006
  * scriptable actions, tovoicemail actions, formatting fixes

Sat Apr 29 12:58:54 ART 2006
  * includes style, simplify read configs, formatting fixes, removed comments

Sat Apr 29 12:57:22 ART 2006
  * log fake events

Sat Apr 29 12:52:48 ART 2006
  * transfer to voicemail

Sat Apr 29 11:40:50 ART 2006
  * agent status updates, paused and some formatting fixes

Sat Apr 29 11:13:04 ART 2006
  * clid privacy per button

Sat Apr 29 11:02:16 ART 2006
  * background jpg for buttons

Thu Mar 23 14:47:57 ART 2006
  * remove duplicated code

Thu Mar 23 14:47:18 ART 2006
  * suse init fixes

Thu Mar 23 14:46:39 ART 2006
  * configurable dimm/alpha

Thu Mar 16 16:14:36 ART 2006
  tagged 0.26

Version .25

Mon Mar 13 17:01:23 ART 2006
  * documentation updates

Mon Mar 13 16:56:00 ART 2006
  * queueagent optimizations

Fri Mar 10 17:33:25 ART 2006
  * clean internal state when connecting to server

Fri Mar 10 17:07:09 ART 2006
  * add_server_to_fake_events
  We need to add the server header to fake events!

Fri Mar 10 17:06:44 ART 2006
  * formatting_fixes

Fri Mar 10 17:05:03 ART 2006
  * update docs

Mon Feb 27 19:40:37 ART 2006
  * updated docs

Mon Feb 27 19:27:28 ART 2006
  * do not send settimer for nonexistant queues

Mon Feb 27 19:25:36 ART 2006
  * Clear counter when there are no calls in queue

Mon Feb 27 17:27:41 ART 2006
  * restrict to channel name same as mybutton

Tue Feb 21 17:26:13 ART 2006
  * fix meetme sccp

Tue Feb 21 16:09:02 ART 2006
  * Catalan language

Mon Feb 20 16:10:40 ART 2006
  * suse_init

Mon Feb 20 15:55:22 ART 2006
  * link_buttons
  Add url and target to the button definition so you can hyperlink
  to anything you want from any button.
  Also added the enable_label_background that sets the background
  color on the labels to the led colors depeding on state.

Thu Feb  2 17:51:42 ART 2006
  * listen_addr
  Add listen_addr parameter to select the ip address the server will bind to

Tue Jan 31 20:49:13 ART 2006
  * NewSwf

Tue Jan 31 20:47:11 ART 2006
  * fontfix
  Fix several font issues on the flash client

Tue Jan 31 20:41:04 ART 2006
  * Remove channel from queue hash on rename.. fix for queue buttons

Tue Jan 31 20:32:40 ART 2006
  * Ignore  &  from trunk sessions, fix TRUNK problem.

Tue Dec 27 00:33:17 ART 2005
  * Fixed trunk sticky problem

  - Fixed choppig the last character from op_server.cfg
    when there was no end of line

  - Fixed text on buttons when using crypto and the text
    was empty

  - Changed the mute/unmute to gray out a button when muted

  - Fixed agentlogoff for channels with a hypen in the name

  - New states for sccp, thanks to Laurent Mele

  - New parameter to pass to operator_panel.swf: nohighligh. If set
    to 1, button highlighting when mouse over will be disabled.

  - New LEGEND attributes: URL, TARGET, NO_BASE64. Url for making an
    hyperlink out of the legend to that url, TARGET to use that html
    target when clicking the hyperlink, and NO_BASE64 to not convert
    the legend to base64 (it is not useful at all) 

  - Drag&Drop channels into queues. Just drag an unused button into a 
    queue button and it will be added to that queue. If dragged again,
    it will remove it from that queue.  

  - astmanproxy support

  - Added Meetme participants buttons (they show each participant)

  - Added Queue position buttons (they show each position on a queue, 
    with the corresponding timer and callerid)

  - Added queue_hide option in op_server.cfg. If set, queue position
    buttons won't be displayed if they are unused (so you only see 
    the actual number of people waiting on the queue)

  - Fixed bugs for queue positions when reloading

  - Fixed timers when reloading

 Sep 12 2005:

  - Small bugfix, the security code is now working for everybody

  - Added swedish translation

  - Improved efficiency of regexp button matching

 Sep 9 2005:

  - FOP now tries to keep track of the number of agents logged into
    each queue, and displays that info in the queue detailed status box.

  - Added Mask filter for manager events. The new parameter 
    is "event_mask" and should be written just below each server
    definition. View op_server.cfg for a sample. 

  - Added Queue Position status. Just change your queue buttons to use
    more than one position. Then, instead of having a summary button for
    your queue you will have each button position occupied by the person 
    waiting  in that same position on your queue. You can drag them as any
    other button to transfer.

  - Internationalization support. 'language' configuration directive
    in op_server.cfg and op_lang_XX.cfg files and help_XX.html

  - Support for command line parameters, start the server with --help
    to see the list of supported options

  - The web_hostname and port settings in op_server.cfg are now optional
    If omited it will connect to the same host where the .swf resides and
    port 4445

  - Added restriction for mybutton to FOP_Popup userevent, just add the
    (optional) Button parameter with the button position (that must be
    set in the client's mybutton parameter)

      UserEvent(FOP_Popup|URL: page.php?e=${EXTEN}^Target: top^Button: 1)

  - Added font and shadow color parameters for button labels, text
    legends, clid and timer. In op_style.cfg you have 4 optional new

        label_font_color = 000000
        label_shadow_color = FFFFFF
        clid_font_color = 000000
        timer_font_color = 4000FF

    You have to put the hex color code for each one. To change the color of
    a legend use the parameter:

        font_color = FF0000

  - Improved debian init script. Thanks to Tzafir Cohen.

  - It uses a lot less CPU than previous versions on heavy asterisk boxes

  - Improved support for parking when using native sip transfers

  - Minor bugfixes

 Jun 9 2005:
  - Minor bugfixes

 May 29 2005:

  - You can use 'transparent' as a fade_color for a button in 
    op_style.cfg. That button will only display its borders, with
    no background color. You can use the background.jpg in creative
    ways now.

  - The restrict input parameter can be set to a channel name
    instead of just the button possition. The restricted button
    will be hightlithed.

  - Added margintop and marginleft to the input parameters taken by
    operator_panel.swf, to set the global margins for the swf object.
    You can experiment by loading the .swf file directly like:

  - Added voicemail_extension parameter to op_server.cfg. If set,
    FOP will originate a call to that extension when double clicking
    on the MWI icon.

  - Added version checking between client & server

  - You can disable the icon for a button by using icon=0

  - Added support for Zap DND state. You have to define the 'dnd'
    family in op_astdb.cfg

  - Added astdb checks. See op_astdb.cfg and extensions.conf.sample
    for details. You can check for day/time mode or anything that its
    stored on asterisk db.

  - Changed the PARKXXX buttons to PARK/XXX for consistency. The old
    syntax will still work fine.

  - Added monitoring for callerid instead of channel name. Use
    [CLID/XXXXXX] as the button name in op_buttons.cfg. Its experimental
    Commands like originates and others might not work. This kind
    of button will work with CVS-HEAD and without using the dial 'o'

  - Added persistent security code. It remembers your last input so
    you don't have to complete it the next time you open FOP.

  - Added Panel_Context=* to op_buttons.cfg files, with it, that entry
    will be added to every panel context defined.

  - Fixed callerid on CVS-HEAD, now it works without using
    the dial 'o' flag

  - Added agent status. It displays Idle status an its
    timers, and refresh queue statistics after each agent
    call. Set agent_status to 1 in op_server.cfg

  - Added the option to change the led color from asterisk's

    exten => 1,1,UserEvent(FOP_ledcolor|Color: 0x0000FF^State: 0)

    The color can be any hex value. The State is:

       0 for available status (channel not in use)
       1 for busy status (channel in use)
       2 for agent status (channel not in use and logged in agent)

  - Added the option to fire screen pops from asterisk's

    exten => 1,1,UserEvent(FOP_Popup|URL: page.php?e=${EXTEN}^Target: top)

  - Removed some DOWN status events that were redundant

  - Added callerid name in screen popups, look at the
    mypage.php sample in the html directory 

  - Initial Status is fetched from memory
    instead of querying asterisk every time. Saves lots
    of asterisk resources and speeds things up

  - Fixed infobox bug when a button has multiple matches

  - Background image. Just place a background.jpg file
    in the same directory as the .swf file and it will
    be displayed as the background. The canvas size is

  - REGEXP buttons. Wildcard buttons are discarded in
    favor of the more powerful REGEXP buttons. If you
    use wildcard buttons, replace them with a REGEXP
    (Ex: if you have [SIP/*] change it to [_SIP/.*])

  - The security code is now optional (leave it blank
    in op_server.cfg for no security code when performing 

  - Added absolute timeout for transferred calls

  - Added the option to restart asterisk instead of reload
    the panel when hitting the reload button (enable_restart
    in op_server.cfg)

  - Reworked some button matching routines, now it should
    support Modem[i4l], oh323/* and mISDN

 Feb 22 2005:

  - Added support for monitoring multiple asterisk servers

  - Added wildcard buttons (IAX2/*)

  - Added Park Slot buttons (PARK701)

  - Barge Muted (barge_muted in op_server.cfg)
        Will start the 3rd leg muted when barging in

  - CallerID Privacy (clid_privacy in op_server.cfg)
        Will hide the callerid number in the buttons

  - Show IP address of peers (show_ip in op_server.cfg)
        Will show the ip address of peers in their buttons

  - Text legends (LEGEND primitive in op_buttons.cfg)

  - Highlight of linked buttons

  - Added Mailbox parameter to the button definition

  - You can specify a channel name in the dial parameter
    when using click-to-dial features, thus making it easier
    to implement

 Nov 04 2004:

  - Improved call details, now there is a queue/agent information
    window and last call details window.

  - Bugfixes and visual layout tweaks. You can set the highlight color, etc.

  - You can define a distinct style per panel context. See op_style.cfg

  - You can include files in op_buttons.cfg with the keyword 'include =>'

  - The swf client is compressed and much smaller.

  - When recconects, it close flash clients connections to
    force a reconnect and update on their status.

 Oct 29 2004:

  - Ming client is now the default, the new features work with
    that client only.

  - Led color configurable via op_style.cfg

  - More label renaming options 
    (rename to agent name, rename queuememebers, etc)

  - Option to change led color for logged in agents

  - New click to dial feature, accesible via javascript
    (examples in the html subdir)

  - Ability to draw rectangles (see op_buttons.cfg for examples)

  - Added polling for IAX presence 

 Oct 21 2004:

  - Mostly a bug fix release. Fixed the reload button in the ming client.

  - Added polling of agents status on connect 

  - Initial take on showing detail info on each agent

 Oct 20 2004:

  - Bug fixes: parked channel feature works again, ringing state too.

  - Encryption is now optional, you can enable or disable it by changing
    enable_crypto in op_style.cfg (while is this parameter in op_style
    you may ask? well, the client has the ability to request encryption or
    not, op_style.cfg sets not only visual parameters, but any client
    parameter. I might change the configuration file name to op_client.cfg
    in the future. Without encryption the client uses less CPU.

  - Include the option for polling voicemail status together with sip
    peers (poll_voicemail in op_server.cfg)

  - New feature: ability to rename button labels when agents log in (
    rename_label_agentlogin and rename_label_callbacklogin inside

  - New Ming client included. Ming is a library for generating .swf files
    with wrappers in several languages. I used the perl wrapper to produce
    a complete client. The source is included in the ming-source directory
    The precompiled .swf file is in the html directory together with the
    native flash client. Further development might be done exclusively in

  - The Ming client treats fonts a little diferent. If you enable 
    use_embed_fonts in op_style.cfg, then all the font_family values will
    be overriden by the only embedded font in the .swf. The
    embedded font looks uniform compared to system (or browser) fonts. You 
    *can* use any font_family available in your platform: just disable the 
    use of embed fonts and select the family for each legend in a button.. 
    but you might end up with chopped text depending of the type of font 
    you use.

 Oct 1st 2004:

  - New configuration file format, there is an utility to convert
    your old configuration to the new format. See UPGRADE, and don't
    forget to backup first. Be sure to run the utility only with
    old configuration files, use it once and then remove it just in

  - Fixed MessageWaiting when channel was in another context

  - MD5 Authentication to Asterisk Manager (md5_auth in op_server.cfg)
  - Improved context handling in general. Now you can have a security
    code for each context, as well as meetme rooms to use for bargein.

  - There is no more auto_conf_exten for finding an empty meetme for
    barge-ins. You now have to specify the rooms available for that
    feature with the parameter barge_rooms in op_server.cfg

  - Timers are now polled from Asterisk on initial connect. (If you open
    the panel when a conversation was going, you will see the real duration
    of the call)

  - TEA Encryption for messages sent from server to client. MD5 used for
    hashing the password.

  - Many cosmetical changes to the flash movie, as well as optimizations
    and rewrites. There are new icons, animations, etc.

  - More information available when a call is disconnected, including
    queue status information (completed calls, average holdtime, etc)
    To get the info double click on the arrow when a call is finished.

  - Added ability to mute/unmute meetme participants by clicking on the

  - Supports for register/unregister/unreachable/lagged realtime events
    for SIP and IAX peers

  - You can restrict the drag and drop commands to one button only, see
    index-restrict.html in the html subdirectory

 Jul 28th 2004:

  - You can run the dettached from the console by starting it
    with the parameter '-d'. There are sample init scripts in the init 
    directory for redhat and debian.

  - You can now drag a parked channel and transfer it to an available 
    extension just like any other transfer.

  - Changed to work well with Asterisk RC1 (IAX2 channel names have changed
    from "IAX2[ext@context]" to IAX2/ext@context. Your IAX2 channels in 
    op_buttons.cfg must be renamed if you use RC1. If you do not user RC1,
    it might work as before, but I have not tested it.

  - The flash side has a lot of improvements and changes. The fonts _sans
    and _serif are now embedded, so they will look consistent in different
    client computers (the tradeoff is a bigger swf file). When a channel is 
    offline, the label text will also be grayed out. When dragging an icon, 
    there is now visual feedback for the destination button. Added transparent
    mask to the icons to make drag easier. If the client looses connection to
    the, it will try to reconnect by itself (it does not work 
    on linux, its a flash bug).

  - Also in the flash side, there are new elements. A little arrow showing 
    the direction of the call. And if you double click that little arrow 
    after a call is made, you can see the last call status. The new parameters
    for op_style.cfg are described in UPGRADE

  - There is a new parameter in op_server.cfg: clid_format
    You can choose the format for the caller id to be presented in the client
    The letter 'x' will be replaced with a number, any other text will be

 Jul 12th 2004:

  - Fixed an annoying bug that prevented the initial status to be displayed
    (the context for wich the panel request events was sent after the
    status events, so they were ignored by the flash client)

  - Fixed another annoying bug, the clid text was of an incorrect height,
    and the drag and drop was erratic because of this

  - Improved the parking display on the channels. Now you have a flashing
    led and a text in the button itself

  - Added a timer with the duration of a call to each button

  - Still more bugs to clean on the trunk feature, please report feedback
    on the mailing list..

 Jul 5th 2004:

  - Added a caller id display on the button itself

  - The status of meetme and queues is queried on initial connect

  - The event handling was rewriten. Now the flash client receives the
    events for its own context (in previous versions, the events were
    broadcasted to all clients)

  - Cleaned the debug output a bit. 

  - You can send a USR1 signal to the server and look at some state 

 Jun 29th 2004:

  - Added 'trunk' buttons. You can define many buttons for just one user.
    It is not well tested, as I do not have the means to test it. It might
    introduce bugs!

  - Added CRM software integration. You can monitor a button, and when it
    rings, a web page is requested in the url and target you specify, with
    the clid sent as a GET variable.

  - The debug option in op_server.cfg has changed. See the UPGRADE file or
    the online documentation, or the comments on op_server.cfg
 Jun 22th 2004:

  - Added Contexts for the panel. You can have one server and several 
    different panels.

  - Added 'Parked calls' as a status for a defined channel/button

  - Fixed important bugs (MWI with contexts not working, transfers not
    working in particular situations)

  - Totally new webpage, for up to date documentation, go there

  - You can send a HUP signal to and it will rewrite the
    configuration files for the flash applet.

  - New RELOAD button in flash, it will reread the server configuration 
    and refresh the display.

 Jun 8th 2004:

  - Added Message Waiting count. When passing the mouse over the envelope
    icon the status shows the New and Old messages in that mailbox

  - The server sets the CallerID when originating a call.
  - Changed the debug parameter in op_server.cfg to a bitmap for greater 
    control off debug output.
  - Changed the way it handles extension numbers (column number 4) in 
    op_buttons.cfg. Now you can specify the context where the extension 
    resides by using the syntax:
    If the extension is not reachable from the default context, you must 
    specify its context there.
  - Changed the way it handles IAX2 channels. To specify an IAX channel you 
    have to specify its name only, without '@context', eg: 

 Jun 2nd 2004:

  - Added "Extra Info" Input box

      You can write any text you want in that box. When transferring or 
      originating a call, that text will be used as the callerid text for
      that call. This way you can pass usefull information to the person
      you are transferring the call. In order for this feature to work you
      need to modify your dialplan ("extensions.conf"). There is an example
      extensions.conf provided.

  - Configurable layout of the toolbar

      The bar at the top of the flash applet is now configurable. There are
      new parameters in op_style.cfg to adjust the layout:

        clid_label=Extra Info:
        security_label=Security Code:

      The numbers in the show_xxx varialbes indicates the position in the 
      toolbar. If you do not want to display an element, set it to 0. 

  - Added HELP button and text to the flash movie

      You can add a help.txt file in the same directory as the flash movie
      on your webserver. This file will be displayed inside the help window
      of the flash movie. You can use basic html tags. You *must* start the
      file with the words "text="
  May 19th 2004:

  - Added conference buttons

      The channel column (first one) in op_buttons.cfg must be named with 
      the number of the meetme conference. Eg: you have a meetme conference
      number 901, the name of the channel must be '901'. Look at the example

  - Added tranfer of an empty channel to an already connected call and 
    automatically conference the three parties together

      You have two new parameters in op_server.cfg:


      Set them up and look at op_server.cfg for an example configuration for 
      asterisk in extensions.conf and meetme.conf

  - Added origination of calls

      You can drag an available button to another available button. This
      will originate a call from the first channel to the extension defined
      in the desintation button.

  - More readable output log for

  May 12th 2004

  - Added voicemail notification: 

      There is a new parameter in op_buttons.cfg. The last column has the 
      voicemail context of the extension. You can leave it blank and it will 
      not check/show the voicemail status for that button (if its a queue 
      button or an extension without voicemail on). 

      You also have three new parameters in op_style.cfg:


      to set the placement and size of the voicemail icon in the button.

  Apr 17th 2004

  - Fixed a typo that prevented the applet from working.

  Apr 16th 2004

    - Changed configuration files

        The configuration files are different: in version .03 the
        op_server.cfg had the button configuration and layout. In version
        .04 that information is stored in op_buttons.cfg. There are 2 new
        parameters in op_buttons.cfg, extension and icon.

        op_server.cfg is now used for the parameters of the op_server
        itself, like port to listent to, security code, debug level. You
        don't have to modify anymore. All configuration is done
        in the cfg files.

        There is a new configuration file: op_style.cfg with the style and
        size of the buttons.

     - Added Queues buttons

         You can display call queues on a button. Just put the name
         of the queue as the channel name.

     - Reconnection to Asterisk Manager port

         The op_server now tries to reconnect to Asterisk Manager
         port in case of disconnection. So if you restart Asterisk
         you don't need to restart the, it will reconnect
         by itself.

     - Totally redone flash movie: operator_panel3.swf
         The flash applet in version .04 is totally rewriten. It 
         has no bitmaps. All graphics are vector based, so you can
         change the style and sizes without loosing detail. There
         is no timer or status on each button in order to save space.
         You can see the status of a channel by passing the mouse
         over the red oval.

         The new is compatible with the flash applet
         of previous versions (operator_panel.swf), with fixed 24 
         buttons display, timers, and scrolling info on each channel.