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Re: [Flash Operator Panel] Can not connect from another pc

  • From: Henk Oegema <henk@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 15:56:53 +0200
  • Mailing-list: contact operator_panel-help@lists.house.com.ar; run by ezmlm

On Tuesday 27 May 2008 14:42:57 Nicolas wrote:
Hi Henk,

You have to dowload the latest snapshot, as the latest flash player
enforces a policy and it refuses to connect to the server is not
properly authorized. The latest FOP snaphost provides such

Do you mean I have to install :     'op_panel-snapshot.tar.gz'  ?        

(You are probably running the latest flash player on 102 
and not in 100 or 101.)

Sorry that I'm confusing you, but I CAN cannoct from (asterisk 
server + FOP server on Debian) and I CAN connect from (Windows 
XP laptop)

I CANNOT connect from (Ubuntu 8.04 desktop)


Best regards,

Henk Oegema wrote:
I'm running FOP on pc (Debian)

I CAN connect from and I CAN connact from 

However  I CANNOT connect from  :-(    (icons flashing

In which  file do I need to look to solve this problem. ?

I've been trying  /etc/asterisk/manager.conf and
/usr/local/op_panel-0.27/op_server.cfg but don't know which option to

I left all (?) settings to default.


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Henk Oegema

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