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Re: [Flash Operator Panel] Diff color schemes for Agent / Queue buttons

  • From: Nicolas <nicolas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 12:50:02 -0300
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Remember that you are using a custom dhtml panel, op_style.cfg applies to the regular flash client. In this case there is no way to have distinct colors for button types, but states. busy is busy for every button.

Now, if the dhtml panel, you can modify operator.js to act the way you want. Normally the state is set for whatever button, but it can be coded so if you have some particular icon, set the class for busy to something else... it is not hard, but not easy either to modify it as the class name is used in several parts to know how to handle other events... so if you create a busyqueue state, you will have to modify the code in several places.

Best regards,

RSCL Mumbai wrote:

I think I have not been able to explain my question well.

Pls see attached scheenshot.

I have 5 Ext: 1001 to1005 and 2 Queues: SMB & Masked.

In the attached screenshot you will see that both "Exts and Queues"
have Green color for BUSY state.
I want to setup different colors for Exts and different colors for Queues.
For example:
Exts (Busy) = Green
Queues (Busy) = Red.
and like wise for other states.

How and where can I achieve this.

My apologies for any misunderstanding thus far.

Thank you for your continued help.

best regards,


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