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Extension labels missing when browser area not big enough

  • From: Giulio Orsero <giulioo@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Organization: unknown
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 11:42:08 +0200
  • Mailing-list: contact operator_panel-help@lists.house.com.ar; run by ezmlm

FOP 0.29, Trixbox, Flash 9.0.124 (latest)

Using FOP with a browser window which is under a certain height (because the
screen is small, because you resized the browser window and reloaded the
page, because you have many toolbars and so available area is small) causes
FOP to not display extension labels, ie.

open browser and you see
        123: dummy
reduce browser area height (to simulate one of the conditions I described
above), reload page, you then see

I'm using firefox with 1024x768 screen resolution, and as soon as the
"find/search" firefox bar appears (CTRL+F) the labels are truncated (after
the 1st page reload).

I edited /var/www/html/panel/op-style.cfg changing btn_height, btn font
size, ..... and when the browser area is big enough I see the effect of my
changes (bigger buttons, bigger font size), but as soon as I resize the
browser the same problem shows up.

Is there a solution for this? Maybe a way to get less then 20 buttons for
every row so that resizing the browser windows wouldn't cause flash to
resize the buttons so much?


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