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Re: [Flash Operator Panel] Status of Attended Transfers in FOP

  • From: "Safet Susic" <panoramisk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 17:07:05 +0200
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Replying to myself, I've just tried how convenient is using parking as a
workaround attended transfer.

It easy for receptionnist to park a call and see it on hold.
It should be easy for him or her to call the callee and tell him (or her)
how get the caller dialing the right extension but I'm not certain this
would please the callee, especially if you compare this process to usual
attended transfer where callee just have to wait.

I've tried to directly redirect a call on hold in a parking slot to someone
receptionnist is talking to but couldn't any natural way to do it (nor any
way at all, to be honnest).

So, maybe using hardphone capabilities remains the most efficient for a
receptionnist to attended transfer.

2008/8/8 Safet Susic <panoramisk@xxxxxxxxx>

Replying to myself, I did try to use p

2008/8/8 Safet Susic <panoramisk@xxxxxxxxx>


Have you tried to blind transfer a call to a parking slot ?
It seems to me, it could be a work around, available with vanilla 0.29.


2008/8/8 Philipp Walker <pwalker@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi list,

Can anybody tell me what the status of Attended Transfers in current
of FOP is? Is anyone out there successfully using these?

Or - in more and more detailed questions:
- In 0.29: Has anyone been able to get Attended Transfers working (via
conferences / MeetMe / Hold "Hack")
- In version from svn: I've seen (in the code/Traq/svn revision comments)
read (in the Archives) that some work has been done by Nicolas to support
Attended Transfers. Is this supposed to work? What do I have to configure
how do I have to use it in the Flash Panel - still with drag&drop (seems
still try to do the MeetMe stuff)? Also, Nicolas mentions that you've got
patch Asterisk 1.4 for that: What patches do I need / do I still need it
latest Asterisk 1.4?

I'm using Asterisk (BRIstuffed) with trixbox / FreePBX.
My - possibly relevant settings in op_server.pl are:
 attendant_hold_extension = 8765
 attendant_hold_context = conferences
 attendant_failure_redirect_to = *${EXTEN}@${CONTEXT}
The meeting rooms, MeetMe and Hold extensions should be configured as
 900-901 for rooms, each one with the 1, 2, 10 and 11 priority (qMAx,
qMx, Hangup)
 8765 as hold extension (is in the [conferences] context correct for

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

Philipp Walker
Binatec AG


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