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Re: [Flash Operator Panel] Status of Attended Transfers in FOP

  • From: Nicolas <nicolas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2008 15:49:45 -0300
  • Mailing-list: contact operator_panel-help@lists.house.com.ar; run by ezmlm

In a future release I am going to use the atxfer manager feature (that is part of asterisk 1.6) and I will cease using the hold meetme hack. The server part on 0.29 already has the proper code, you have to tweak the flash client a little to use attendant transfers, and you also have to backport the atxfer manager feature from asterisk 1.6.

You can download a diff file from here:


After you apply the patch to asterisk 1.4, you will have the atxfer manager command ready to be used.

The problem is that I have not yet decided on how to implement it on the client, as I will have to modify current behaviour. (Remove the barge functionality, change all transfers to be attendant, etc..) It is not clear for me what would be the best option.

In the meantime, if you install ming and are ready to compile operator_panel.swf, you can look around line 9300 where the flash client sends the command "transfer" or "conference" , and change that to "atxfer". That will make the panel use the atxfer manager feature.

I am using that myself on production, there are several other users using it and there are no problems with the patch stability wise...

Best regards,

Philipp Walker wrote:
Hi list,

Can anybody tell me what the status of Attended Transfers in current versions of FOP is? Is anyone out there successfully using these?

Or - in more and more detailed questions:
- In 0.29: Has anyone been able to get Attended Transfers working (via the conferences / MeetMe / Hold "Hack")
- In version from svn: I've seen (in the code/Traq/svn revision comments) and read (in the Archives) that some work has been done by Nicolas to support Attended Transfers. Is this supposed to work? What do I have to configure / how do I have to use it in the Flash Panel - still with drag&drop (seems to still try to do the MeetMe stuff)? Also, Nicolas mentions that you've got to patch Asterisk 1.4 for that: What patches do I need / do I still need it with latest Asterisk 1.4?

I'm using Asterisk (BRIstuffed) with trixbox / FreePBX.
My - possibly relevant settings in op_server.pl are:
attendant_hold_extension = 8765
attendant_hold_context = conferences
attendant_failure_redirect_to = *${EXTEN}@${CONTEXT}
The meeting rooms, MeetMe and Hold extensions should be configured as suggested:
900-901 for rooms, each one with the 1, 2, 10 and 11 priority (qMAx, Hangup, qMx, Hangup)
8765 as hold extension (is in the [conferences] context correct for this?)

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

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Philipp Walker

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