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RE: [Flash Operator Panel] SIP Trunk Issues

  • From: "Tariq .." <tareksawah@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 10:53:53 +0000
  • Mailing-list: contact operator_panel-help@lists.house.com.ar; run by ezmlm

i have the same problem.. but i noticed that it happens when you set the 
"host=" IP address of the extension or trunk  [sip.conf]...  
when i set the IP i can't have the activities on the Pannel.. so i think and i 
don't know if it's ok to do that.. but if you set the host to dynamic .. and 
you register with your server.. and ALLOW anonymous SIP connections then you 
will be able to see activities.. 
i have set up a host for one of my clients and it stopped showing activities.. 
try it and let me know if you manage 
Tarek Sawah

From: James@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: operator_panel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Date: 
Sat, 9 Aug 2008 00:04:47 +1000> Subject: [Flash Operator Panel] SIP Trunk 
Issues> > > I have a VOIP provider supplier, supplying a SIP trunk to my 
asterisk box as SIP/acevoip, registered using number & login account 
07yyyyyyyy.> Dial's are executed by SIP/acevoip/<number> registration is 
used via 07yyyyyyyy> > Basically the issue is, nothing comes up on the 
buttons when a call comes in or out, they do at the destination, just not on 
the actually SIP trunks.> > In the fop config i have tried multiple 
combinations of information but from the FOP examples> > [SIP/acevoip]> 
Position=50-56> Label="Voip Outgoing%0aLine "> Extension=-1> Icon=4> > 
[SIP/07yyyyyyyy]> Position=57-59> Label="Voip Incoming%0aLine "> 
Extension=-1> Icon=4> > Show channels - Outgoing> SIP/acevoip-08523fb0 
07xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx Down AppDial((Outgoing Line))> SIP/622-0853ac20 
07xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx:5 Ring Dial(SIP/acevoip/07xxxxxxxx)> > Show channels - 
Incoming> Channel Location State Application(Data)> SIP/622-085006b8 
07yyyyyyyy@xxxxxxxx: Ringing AppDial((Outgoing Line))> SIP/07yyyyyyyy-08504 
07yyyyyyyy@xxxxxxxxx Up Dial(SIP/622|30|tn)> > Sip.conf> > register => 
07yyyyyyyy:password@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/07yyyyyyyy> > [acevoip]> 
context=from-acevoip> type=friend> auth=md5> canreinvite=yes> dtmfmode=auto> 
fromdomain=voice.supplier.com.au> fromuser=yyyyyyyy> 
host=byo.supplier.com.au> insecure=very> ;insecure=port,invite> 
musiconhold=framed> nat=yes> port=5060> qualify=no> 
realm=mobileinnovations.com.au> canreinvite=yes> secret=password> 
username=yyyyyyyy> annexb=no> disallow=all> allow=g729> > Console dump of me 
calling then me receiving a call on the SIP Trunk> > -- Executing 
[xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx:1] NoOp("SIP/622-0853ac20", "CallerID James Home 622") in 
new stack> -- Executing [xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx:2] System("SIP/622-0853ac20", 
"mkdir /mnt/Recordings/EXT0622") in new stack> mkdir: cannot create 
directory `/mnt/Recordings/EXT0622': File exists> -- Executing 
[xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx:3] Set("SIP/622-0853ac20", 
xxxxxxxx.wav49") in new stack> -- Executing [xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx:4] 
xxxxxxxx.wav49|v(0)V(0)") in new stack> -- Executing [xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx:5] 
Dial("SIP/622-0853ac20", "SIP/acevoip/xxxxxxxx") in new stack> -- Called 
acevoip/xxxxxxxx> == Begin MixMonitor Recording SIP/622-0853ac20> -- 
SIP/acevoip-08523fb0 is making progress passing it to SIP/622-0853ac20> == 
Spawn extension (from-sip, xxxxxxxx, 5) exited non-zero on 
'SIP/622-0853ac20'> == End MixMonitor Recording SIP/622-0853ac20> > -- 
Executing [07yyyyyyyy@xxxxxxxxxxxx:1] Answer("SIP/07yyyyyyyy-085048b0", "") 
in new stack> -- Executing [07yyyyyyyy@xxxxxxxxxxxx:2] 
System("SIP/07yyyyyyyy-085048b0", "mkdir /mnt/Recordings/EXT0622") in new 
stack> mkdir: cannot create directory `/mnt/Recordings/EXT0622': File 
exists> -- Executing [07yyyyyyyy@xxxxxxxxxxxx:3] 
 in new stack> -- Executing [07yyyyyyyy@xxxxxxxxxxxx:4] 
 in new stack> -- Executing [07yyyyyyyy@xxxxxxxxxxxx:5] 
Dial("SIP/07yyyyyyyy-085048b0", "SIP/622|30|tn") in new stack> -- Called 
622> == Begin MixMonitor Recording SIP/07yyyyyyyy-085048b0> -- 
SIP/622-085006b8 is ringing> == Spawn extension (from-acevoip, 07yyyyyyyy, 
5) exited non-zero on 'SIP/07yyyyyyyy-085048b0'> == End MixMonitor Recording 
SIP/07yyyyyyyy-085048b0> > --> This message was scanned by ESVA and is 
believed to be clean.> > > > Flash Operator Panel Mailing List> > To 
unsubscribe send an empty message to:> 
<operator_panel-unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> To get help send an empty 
message to:> <operator_panel-help@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> The archives can be 
found at:> http://www.asternic.org/archives/maillist.html> > 
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James Bean

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