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RE: [Flash Operator Panel] Maximum Buttons

  • From: "Ian Plain" <ian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Organization: cyber-cottage.co.uk
  • Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 17:19:08 -0000
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If you need that many then dual screen is the way to go.
About 100 is the workable max

Ian Plain 
Get us to call you 

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-----Original Message-----
From: Forrest Beck [mailto:jonforrest.beck@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: 20 March 2009 17:12
To: Operator Panel
Subject: [Flash Operator Panel] Maximum Buttons

Does anyone have any ideas for maximizing the amount of buttons that will be
displayed?  I would like to fit around 200 with full names (users) on the
buttons.  I have reduced the size of the buttons to as small as I think I
can get them.

enable_crypto=0            ; set to 1 for encrypting server to client
label_font_family=Arial  ; only valid when use_embed_fonts is disabled
label_font_color=000000 label_shadow_color=dddddd label_margin_top=9
label_margin_left=20 label_shadow=1 clid_font_color=4000ff
timer_font_color=4000ff clid_font_size=8 clid_font_family=Courier  ; only
valid when use_embed_fonts is disabled clid_margin_top=0 clid_margin_left=20
timer_font_size=8 timer_font_family=Courier  ; only valid when
use_embed_fonts is disabled timer_margin_top=20 timer_margin_left=20
btn_width=120 btn_height=35 btn_padding=2 btn_line_width=2
btn_line_color=0x000000 btn_fadecolor_1=ccccff btn_fadecolor_2=ffffff
btn_round_border=8 btn_highlight_color=ff0000 led_scale=45 led_margin_top=22
led_margin_left=11 arrow_scale=45 arrow_margin_top=7 arrow_margin_left=10
icon1_margin_top=22 icon1_margin_left=-20 icon1_scale=8 icon2_margin_top=22
icon2_margin_left=-20 icon2_scale=8 icon3_margin_top=22
icon3_margin_left=-20 icon3_scale=8 icon4_margin_top=22
icon4_margin_left=-20 icon4_scale=8 icon5_margin_top=22
icon5_margin_left=-20 icon5_scale=8 icon6_margin_top=22
icon6_margin_left=-20 icon6_scale=8 mail_margin_left=-15 mail_margin_top=8
mail_scale=5 show_security_code=1 show_clid_info=0 show_btn_help=3
show_btn_debug=0 show_btn_reload=2 show_status=4

; You can have different styles per panel context
; You need to copy all the variables, they will not be
; inherited. If you fail to include an option the flash
; client migth hang. So, copy the complete [general]
; section an change the header to the panel context name.
; Then adjust the parameters to your liking.

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