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Re: [Flash Operator Panel] FOP 0.30 changes: .htaccess gone?

  • From: Nicolas Gudino <nicolas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 08:57:45 -0300
  • Mailing-list: contact operator_panel-help@lists.house.com.ar; run by ezmlm

Hi Tzafrir,

.htacess are not needed. The snapshot and 0.30 are the same, it is just a versioning change until the snapshot is updated again. The vertical client is not meant to be distributed, is just a development experiment to change the layout of the buttons. It is not documented anywhere and the .swf file included is the regular one.

In my packaging script I forgot to update the CHANGES, it happened before and I forgot to fix it. I will update the CHANGES file sometime next week.

So, 0.30 and snapshot are the same file, just changing the version number and removing some unneeded devel files.

If you want to see the changes you can view the trac site on www.asternic.org or use svn.

Best regards,

On Jun 28, 2009, at 3:46 AM, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:


I'm looking at the changes between latest published snapshot and the
recently published 0.30:

op_panel$ LANG=C diff -x .git -ur . ../op_panel-0.30 | diffstat
 ../op_panel-0.30/CHANGES                       |    2 +-
 ../op_panel-0.30/flash/operator_panel.swf      |binary
 ../op_panel-0.30/ming-source/operator_panel.pl |    2 +-
 ../op_panel-0.30/op_server.pl                  |    4 +++-
 ./dhtml/.htaccess                              |only
 ./flash/.htaccess                              |only
 ./ming-source/operator_panel_vertical.pl       |only
 ./ming-source/operator_panel_vertical.swf      |only
 8 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

The change in ming-source/operator_panel.pl is trivial:

-       _global.swfversion="trunk-r79";
+       _global.swfversion="0.30";

I guess that this is the only change in operator_panel.swf .

op_server.pl has this version change and one other minor change.

The 'only' files under '.' means that they are not present under
'../op_panel-0.30' or practically: removed in this version. CHANGES does
not refer to any of those changes.

In fact, the little diff in the CHANGES file above is not on the top.
Rather, it changes an old changelog entry of almost two years ago (of
the 0.28 cycle):

@@ -80,7 +105,7 @@

 2007-08-02 [r52]

-       * Ooops! Set version to 0.29
+       * Ooops! Set version to 0.30

 2007-08-02 [r51]

Anyway, I figure that the extra _vertical client has no use and is thus
just dropped. But did the .htaccess files have any point before?

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